Human Resources support the Navajo Housing Authority's mission of meeting the needs of the Navajo Nation.

Our team values the Navajo Housing Authority employees and managment. In our Human Resources Department we focus to establish, develop, maintain, and communicate policies throughout the entire organization, we also represent, help, advise, and consult with employees, while simultaneously keeping the overall best interests of Navajo Housing Authority in mind. Our overall goal is to  develop hiring plans and recruitment policies, as well as handle compensation and salary administration. We handle employee relations, separations, performance reviews, and benefits with the highest regard for employee satisfaction. We essentially communicate effective workplace ethics and code of conduct, we interpret employee policies, implement employee training programs, and award and rewards employees who perform.

We hope the information you find in our website will be helpful.  If you are a current NHA employee or are in the process of becoming one, we extend our best wishes for a successful career with Navajo Housing Authority.